Photo- Ashrafuddin
Asim Rafiqui's Workshop 2013 02

Major International Photography Workshops

The workshops have been organized time to time with the internationally acclaimed photographers: Pieter Ten Hoopen (The Netherlands), Asim Rafiqui (Sweden),

Giulio Di Sturco (Italy) and Philip Blenkinshop (Australia/Asia).

Other workshops

Project proposal writing: Suvendu Chatterjee (India)

An Eye for Aesthetics; Painting and Photography, The Osmosis Effect: Kushal Ray (India)

World Photography Day 19.08.2013 01

Presentations and Lectures

It’s the privilege for Counter Foto to have the globally renowned photographers and intellectuals who shared their work and vision with the photographers of Bangladesh and as well as the audience of various disciplines.

Lynsey Addario (UK/USA) very recently had her presentation at Counter Foto sharing her 25 years of experience in photographing across the world.

The others include Jason Motlagh (USA) who talked about ‘how to pitch a story’,

Anwar Hossain (France/Bangladesh) presented his vast work in the perspective of the history of photography in Bangladesh, JR Joins talked about the killings at Rana Plaza.

Nasir Ali Mamun shared the reminiscence of Golam Kasem Daddy.

Lecture presentation by Salim Reza Newton, and the topic was ‘A Communication- guerrilla in a Democracy of Rumor: A Provocative Study on Determining the Meaning of Messages’.

Lecture by Anu Mohammod on ‘Politics of Empire and Corporate Media’.

Public Installation Art

Photo Saadul Islam

Photo credit by Saadul Islam

CounterFoto in collaboration with artist JR’s Global Inside Out Project installed mural-sized pictures of garment workers on the walls and roofs of the largest slum, Korail in Dhaka.
Since early 2013, photojournalist Susie Taylor had been reporting on the Bangladeshi garment industry with her partner, Jason Motlagh. They teamed up with the Photography Department of Counter Foto for installing public art at the Korail slum waterfront in Gulshan, Dhaka on 13 September, 2013.
Counter Foto collaborated with Inside Out project in Bangladesh because of the inherent tension inside the Bangladeshi garment industry. While the industry brought strength and mobility to women, it also cost them dearly – both in the loss of traditional craftsmanship and the adoption of grueling labour demands. The art installation at Korail was a celebration of the hard working Bengali women and in support of their struggle for socio-economic justice.

Dignity in Industry

The message was Dignity in Industry.
The photographers from Counter Foto, in collaboration with Susie Taylor and Jason Motlagh, produced the artwork. The interactive public exhibition was installed in collaboration with JAAGO Foundation, a youth organisation. Such an exhibition is still rare in Bangladesh and the participating youths were very much enthralled by this initiative.

Counter Foto Student Forum

Kaalo the forum initiated by the students of Counter Foto. It’s also a partner of celebration programs of Counter Foto’s anniversaries.

Kaalo organizes programs and activities on regular basis.

Rereading ‘Immediate Family’ – Sigmund Freud, Shally Man and psychoanalysis was a program still the students talk about. Other noted activities were, organizing a showcase of ‘100 Book show’ and ‘Jibon Bodoler Golpo’ (The story to change the lives) a presentation of local photojournalists.

Mahbubur Rahman Rony (9)

Anniversary Programs

Counter Foto celebrates its anniversary each and every year in the month of November. It constitutes a unique program by rewarding the Life Time Achievement Award to an accomplished photographer of Bangladesh.

In 2013 the award was given to Syeda Khanam, in 2014 Abdul Hamid Raihan, and in 2015 to Pavel Rahman.

In 2015 Honorary Life Time Membership had been given to Anwar Hossain and the Life Time Membership of Counter Foto is a practice where both the recipients and the contributor i.e. Counter Foto enjoy the equal stake breaking the norms of ‘directorship’, which is a prevailing practice in the corporate world.

The celebration also includes an exclusive event, the wall painting of the Mirpur Campus. In 2014 the campus wall was dedicated to the memorable photographer, friend, colleague and teacher Azizur Rahim Peu, who left the world untimely. In 2015, the eminent painter Shishir Bhattacharya contributed on the gender issue. On the third anniversary Counter Foto celebrated with various activities spreading over various venues including Bishwo Sahitto Kendro.

The illustrious programs waltzed from launching of ‘EXHIBITION 7’ by Anwar Hossain, Pavel Rahman shared his life time experience of working as a photojournalist, who still enjoys it.

Artist’s Talk: Revisiting Satyajit Ray by Nemai Ghosh; A Tale from Climate Ground Zero by Din Muhammad Shibly; ‘In Search of Beautiful Pictures’ a presentation of Salon Photography in Bangladesh by Saud Al Faisal; The Photographer and The World by Ariadne van de Ven and of Philip Blenkinsop.

Noted photographer Abir Abdullah moderated a panel discussion, which was intended to develop a discourse ‘Memories of Rana Plaza, Hearing the other voices’.

It was a conversation between photographers, visual anthropologists and garment factory owners and the panelists were Taslima Akhter (Photographer and activist), Pavel Partha (Researcher & writer) and Faruque Hossain (Senior Vice President, BGMEA).

Counter Foto’s celebration always culminates into musical concert at its Uttara Campus. Counter Foto initiated a programme with RedOrange, its partner organization by launching ‘Roshni’ a photographers’ collective, to work on child marriage.