“When words become unclear, I shall focus with photographs. When images become inadequate, I shall be content with silence.”
— Ansel Adams

Department of Photography

Saiful Huq Omi having Andrew Biraj as the co-founder on November 23, 2012 founded the department of photography at Counter Foto. Din M Shibly was the first Head of Academics of the department who served until July 2015.

For the last one-decade or so, Bangladesh has been contributing significantly in the world of photography. Though much has been achieved already, Bangladesh needed a photography institution at Counter Foto for catering unique photographic education not only in Bangladesh but also for other parts in Asia.

On top of everything, Counter Foto has always felt that, photography needs to be taught in a different way; it has to be indigenous having a deep social, political and cultural root in our own society, which enables the student to question themselves as well as the prevailing western notions. In that sense Counter Foto has created a niche space for the photographers since from its inception.

Counter Foto aims at setting a benchmark in educating to become a good photographer. Counter Foto strongly believes that it will become one of the major platform of all the photo-enthusiasts who are not only trying photography for pleasure but also use it as a weapon to change society for good.

Our Courcses

One year diploma on photography


We are delighted to let you know that, Counter Foto is launching the One Year Diploma in Photography!

Mentor program


The first of its kind in Bangladesh; the Mentor program has made Counter Foto a mingling space for all the young..

International Masterclass


International Master-class program is one of the most prestigious and specialized programs of the school.

Advanced Course on Practical Photography


This is the first step to become a serious photographer. A brilliant blend of hands on..

Elementary Course On Digital Photography


This course is designed for the amateurs who are highly enthused about the great

Saturday Workshop on Photography


We have 28 one-day long workshops on different aspects of photography

Artists Residency Program

0 (16)

Counter Foto will regularly organize ‘Artist’s Residency Program’ and the first of such will commence from 1 July, 2016.

The International Exchange Program


Counter Foto runs two international exchange programs currently for students and artists.