KAALO is the student’s forum of Counter Foto – A Center for Visual Arts. KAALO acts
as an autonomous and independent organization run by a committee from the students
of Counter Foto. KAALO is a forum for all academic and extra-curricular activities
for the students of Counter Foto. It is a forum for dialogue, discourse, activities
and entertainment for the students of Counter Foto.
The name KAALO is derived from the Bangla word for ‘Black’ which is Kaalo. Black
represents the oppressed of this world. It represents the majority world. It
represents the counter politics, it is against the hegemony of the colonialist power
and it is a representation of decolonization of all forms of art. For these reasons
KAALO is the perfect name for the student’s forum of Counter Foto which represents a
counter discourse, a counter representation, which promotes dialogue and activism.


Current Committee of KAALO (Effective from 21 April 2018)

President: Rahad Bin Malek (Ronggon)

Vice President: Minhazul Abedin Reyad

General Secretary: Mridul Kanti Goshami

Treasurer: Sumiya Simi

Press Secretary: Piyas Biswas

Office Secretary: Syed Fazlur Rahman

Social Media Secretaries: Tahia Farhin Haque & Joyshree Chakma